Chasing storms to warn others.

How To Deal With The Phenomena Of Thunderstorm


What is it that creates those crazy hail storms that demolish our homes and cars in the spring and summer months in the plains?

Well al little thing called the jet-stream and seasonal change has a lot to do with it. We have a good understanding that with global warming at bay we will see more of this cantankerous weather as being more prevalent and more dangerous. We talked to a home repair specialist at CCM Overhead Door in OKC and They explained that the weather has been quite the nuance this year. While the storms pound the roofs and siding. We also see them destroy that face of the garage doors as well. They leave the garage doors all dinged up from the hail pelting it. The worst part is of course, is dealing with your insurance company. They will not only try to give you a measly payment to fix a ton of damage, but, they will also delay payment and create a headache for you in the means of not approving repairs that are clearly from the storm and giving you grief saying that its just cosmetic and you should just deal with it. So with that being said, you have to watch out for these storms. They are quite the problem maker. Not only for your home and autos but your life in general. The weather will never change for us to be safe always and at ease. That would make too much sense. Ama right? Exactly. So enjoy the calm before the storm. Because, you never know when you will see baseball size hail coming down on your property in the plains. Stay safe everyone.


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