Chasing storms to warn others.

How To Deal With The Phenomena Of Thunderstorm

The fear of Thunderstorm and other noises is a common problem for many people and the underlying of the cause of this fear is relatively unknown. Every year many parts of the country have severe thunderstorms. These are a regular part of the spring and summer for many. While some people find thunderstorms to be scary, on the flip side some viewed as being romantic in this weather. If you have to have a thunderstorm in your area, without putting yourself in harm’s way, sit out on your porch if the storm is still off in the distance, or cuddled on the couch near a large window and just watch the lightening together.


You need to know your basic storm safety. Stay inside your home or office during these storms is a good option for safety. Don’t take baths or showers. Don’t use corded phones. Stay away from windows as much as you possibly can.

How it Develops

A thunderstorm develops when dense cold air overlies moist air that is less dense. A trigger, such as solar heating, frontal weather, or rising terrain, causes the warm moist air to begin to rise through the cold air. Air currents develop, and heat energy stored in the air and the water vapor is then converted into the wind and electrical energy.

The atmospheric conditions needed to form thunderstorms are most common in the lower latitudes. This explains why South America and Africa are the most thunderstorm-prone continents and why Central Africa and Indonesia have long been considered to have the world’s highest incidence of thunderstorm activity. However, thunderstorms also occur in many other parts of the earth.

Before the season of thunderstorms comes, you need to prepare for them. Find out what you can be doing to prepare for these types of storms. Before they come, you need to go out in your yard and look at your trees and limbs. Some of these might have died over the winter. They need to be cut down else the high winds of the storm can knock them down throwing them into your house causing damage. Get rid of these making sure everything is trimmed back from your home to prevent this type of damage

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