Chasing storms to warn others.

OKC in the Zone.

April in Oklahoma has a lot of people on edge in the sooner state. There is a beginning of severe weather that we are going through that isn’t fun by any means.

We have some storms that just give our drought ridden state a drink and others that level neighborhoods. The one thing I know is that Mother nature is definitely and beast of its own. It can change at the drop of a hat and create som real problems. There is a good chance today that we will see a line of storms in OKC that could produce up to tennis ball size hail. That’s unfortunate for home and auto owners. There could be some isolated tornados. However, the system has to break the upper atmosphere cap for that to happen. We shall see if the storm even form. That’s the question of the day. Will they form? We will see. Everyone is encouraged to keep an eye on the weather and take the proper precautions. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated as the day goes on.



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