Chasing storms to warn others.

The souther plains are in for it…. La Nina is here.




We have reason to believe with very sophisticated assumptions from our regional weather meteorologist that everything from Colorado to New jersey is going to see some kind of above normal severe weather activity this 2017 storm season.

The ingredients from the La Nina weather system is bringing in all the warm gulf moisturize and creating a very unstable atmosphere. Texas saw plenty of storms in 2016 from the El Nino weather system that even brought in a few hurricanes that were not too awful bad. But, The tornados this year will be.

We will see a drastically warmer march and April that will lead into a mild to hot summer. Not too hot, but, still hot. We will see above normal Hail storms and Tornadic activity that can be a real problem. The south has already seen a few tornados and hail storms this year and we are looking forward to being abe to help as many people as we can to stay out of harm’s way.

If you hear of any damaging hail, winds or tornados. Please send us your pics to and will be posting them on our Facebook page. Thanks guys and gals. Talk at you soon.